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Tonewood Pricing

Tonewood is now priced in either Canadian Dollars ($), US Dollars ($), or Euros (€), based on the value of the Canadian dollar. As such, the prices in USD and Euros will vary periodically, and are only guaranteed for the current month. Payment is accepted via personal or company cheque, international money orders, or online at PayPal, which allows transactions from many currencies.

The following form will let you search through my inventory to see what is available and its price in your chosen currency.

First, please select the currency you wish to use for this session. The default is Canadian Dollars.

Now check the soundboard items you are interested in. You may choose more than one selection in each category, but at least one checkbox in each column must be selected to bring up your chosen soundboard prices.

If you don't see any results for the combinations of instrument, wood species, and grade chosen, that means I am not presently stocking these items. If the item is listed as out of stock, it will be available in the near future. Contact me if you want to get an estimated date for availability of that item.

To see prices for split billets, bracing, or backs and sides, check the appropriate box at the bottom of the form. Or to bring up a long table of all products, check the "All" button at the bottom of the form.

When you are done making your selections, click the the "Get Prices" button to bring up a table with the prices of the selected items.

Choose Your Currency
  US Dollars
  Canadian Dollars


Instrument Type
(Select at least one)
Wood Species
(Select at least one)
(Select at least one)
 Guitar, Jumbo
 Guitar, Classical
 Guitar, Archtop
 Bouzouki, Mandola
 Mountain Dulcimer
 Engelmann Spruce
 Western Red Cedar
 Douglas Fir
 Western White Pine
 SubAlpine Fir
 Canadian Cypress
(Mill Run)

  All Items   Billets and Bracing   Backs/sides


If you see something you wish to order, please proceed to the
Order page. If you can't find what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact me; I can often supply non-standard soundboard sizes on a custom basis.

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