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Classical and Flamenco Guitars

I have two main patterns, or plantillas, that I use for my classical and flamenco guitars:

  • A large concert model with a body length of 490 mm, lower bout width of 369 mm, upper bout width of 286 mm, and a total area of 1400 cm².
  • A slightly smaller plantilla with a body length of 480 MM, lower bout - 360 mm, upper bout - 272 mm, and an area of 1330 cm².
There is also a small plantilla available for those who wish a smaller instrument.

Both of the standard models can be fitted with a scale length of 660 mm, 650 mm, or 640 mm, while the small model is best suited for a scale length of 630 or 620 mm. Custom scale lengths are also an option. Standard nut width is 53 mm with a string spread of 44 mm at the nut, and 57 mm at the saddle., but these are easily customized.

Concert Classical Guitar, Engelmann spruce top and 3-piece Pau Ferro back
Concert Classical Guitar, Western Red Cedar top and Padauk back

I have experimented with several bracing styles in the past, including the traditional Torres-style fan bracing. At present I tend to favour a hybrid X/lattice style bracing for the classical tops, and a five fan bracing pattern for flamencos. Both instruments have 3 lateral braces on the backs.

Hybrid X/lattice bracing Flamenco fan bracing
Cedar guitar with spruce hybrid X/lattice bracing Spruce flamenco, ready to receive back, with 5 fan bracing

7 String Fir Cutaway
Seven string custom cutaway, Douglas fir top
Custom carved headstock
Custom carved headstock
Many options are available to customize my guitars, both in choice of woods and in style and design.

Standard options available at no extra cost include:
  • Choice of Englemann spruce, Western red cedar, Douglas fir, Western white pine, Yellow cedar, or SubAlpine Fir for the soundboard.
  • Choice of East Indian rosewood, Pau Ferro, Padauk, Bubinga, Bigleaf maple, Paper birch, Mahogany, Walnut, or Cypress for back and sides. Other woods may be available.
  • Choice of Spanish cedar, Mahogany, or Yellow Cedar for the neck wood.
  • Wood bindings and purflings
  • Carbon fibre stiffeners embedded in the neck and headstock.
  • Schaller Hauser-style tuning machines
  • Choice of scale length, nut width, and string spread, and general setup
  • Choice of french polish, TruOil, or water based lacquer finishes.
Custom options available for an extra fee include:
  • German spruce soundboard.
  • Brazilian rosewood, or other rare special order back and side woods.
  • Custom inlays or carvings on the headstock, neck or heel, or bridge.
  • Cutaway body shape or more than 6 strings.
  • Installed electronics/pickups
  • Custom Calton case, or other heavy duty case.
  • Your choice of tuning machines.
To get details on pricing options, please visit the Instrument Pricing page.

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